At VIR Trucking we can perform a full range of services, whether you need a simple clutch adjustment or an entire transmission rebuild. If your engine has reached the end of its life we can assess it and give you the best option, whether its to drop in an engine or a complete in-frame.

Flat Tire Services

If your covered vehicle gets a flat tire, we will dispatch a service technician to change the tire, if you have a spare. If you don’t have a spare, we will tow the vehicle to the repair facility up to your plan limits.

Fuel Delivery

If your covered vehicle should run out of gasoline, we will dispatch a service technician to deliver 3 gallons of fuel FREE to get you back on the road again.

Dead Battery Services

If your battery goes dead or fails, we will send a technician out to you to jumpstart the covered vehicle.

Trip and Routing Services

We provide best trip and routing service if you are stranded on the road due to a any technical issue.

Personal Assistance

We plans to assist you in the event that your vehicle becomes disabled due to unforeseen circumstances

Travel Arrangement Services

Some times, complete vehicle breakdowns occur that can totally derail your day. Even minor problems can turn into big ones when you’re on your travel, which is why we offer travel arrangement service.

Diesel Engine Service

You can trust our Diesel Engine service as they are very affordable as per our premium service.

Lockout Service

Should you get locked out of your vehicle, we will send a technician with manufacturer approved tools to get you back into your vehicle and on the road again. You will also get a $100 reimbursement towards any lost key replacement.